Are You Struggling With God?

Are You Struggling With God?

Scripture: Psalm 73

Introduction: Today’s lesson is to challenge each one of us. The purpose of today’s lesson is to help us grow closer and deeper in our relationship with God.  In order to do so one must look deeper into their own heart. How do you feel inside? The Bible character Asaph is completely relatable.  He is super honest. He would even at times question the presence of God and God’s involvement in things of his life. Asaph did not fear to open his heart, his emotions, his mistakes, doubts, and questions. God has blessed us with sharing the words of Asaph in Psalm 73-89.  In our lesson today we will look closely at Psalm 73 and then close with reading Psalm 77.

Lesson:                                                                                                                                                                                                                 1. GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD TO HIS PEOPLE. Psalm 73:1 God knows His people. His people are independent people with pure, honest, tender, humble, obedient, and faithful hearts. God has always emphasized the “heart!”  You may recall the lesson we recently had on King Josiah, the young king who had a heart for God. God tells us that both Josiah and David had hearts that pleased Him. They both believed in God and they both believed in the power of God. 2.

2.THE HEART OF ASAPH. Psalm 73:2-10  “as for me, Asaph” I love the honesty of Asaph! He writes that his heart was not always right and that his feet had almost stumbled. He admits struggling in his relationship with God. Things had not been easy, and things did not make sense.  Why would a strong believer think such things3.THE UNGODLY AND ME. Psalm 73:12-14 There are people in this room who are having a tough year, experiencing things that do not make sense and do not go well, even though they love the Lord. Does God not care?

3.ASAPH ADMITS HE IS STRUGGLING. Psalm 73:15-16 Let me tell you how bad my life is! Maybe he thought he understood things but this is just too painful for him. Asaph was truly struggling and maybe you are too. Maybe he thought God had been unfair to him. Maybe things have unfolded in your life which you deem unfair, things in your family, with your job and with your health.

4.ASAPH DID NOT GIVE UP, BUT WHAT DID HE DO? Psalm 73:17-20 Asaph realized that what he needed was to get closer to God! He needed to enter into the “house of the Lord!” He came to realize that until he came to God things would not get better. We must put ourselves in the presence of God. When was the last time YOU were truly in the presence of God? Revelation 4 & 5. We must work on envisioning being in the presence of God. Can YOU see God in His sanctuary? Revelation 6:9-10 Envision the martyred saints before the throne of God. Until you can see the imagery and message of Revelation you will continue to ask: WHY LORD?

5.ALLOW GOD TO BE YOUR STRENGTH. Psalm 73:23-24 Acknowledge the presence of God and He will be in your presence. God is our father and support. We must let God be our counsel that will guide us through life. He is here and He will take you through life. Psalm 23:1-6 Are you allowing Him to be your shepherd.


Four truths for us to learn and to live by, Psalm 73:25-28.

  • Besides YOU- it is all about God not YOU. Verse 25
  • God is YOUR strength. Verse 26
  • The nearness of God is good for you. Verse 28
  • Let God lead you through life. Read Psalm 77.

Remember: God is always good to His people. Psalm 73:1