Do No Speak Evil nor Judge. James 4:11-17

Do No Speak Evil nor Judge. James 4:11-17

March 10, 2024

Handout for Sermon.  Do Not Speak Evil of Another. James 4:11-17                                                                                                     March 10th, 2024, Manchester, TN 9:30 am

INTRODUCTION:                                                                                                                                                                                                     Last week we were unable to complete our study of James Chapter 4 so in our study today we will finish up James 4:11-17.                           A brief review of our points from last Sunday’s lesson: I entitled the lesson “Me, God and Others.”  Please remember that James is writing to help the true followers of Jesus to grow up spiritually. The message of this book is to look inward into our own heart and evaluate our own spiritual maturity and not others. We considered these points: (1) What is the cause of quarrels and fights among God’s people? James 4:1-5 (2) A lack of humility in me? James 4:6-7 (3) A need to draw nearer to God. James 4:7-10. Let us continue today in James 4:11-17.

1.MY DO NOT’S, James 4:11-17  God is very direct and clear in His instruction to us here. There are things God expects us to do and we must be obedient to these items. There are also things God tells us out right: “do not do!”

  • Do not speak evil of a brother, do not judge, verses 11-12.
  • Do not boast about tomorrow, verses 13-17.

Define the Bible word, judge:  To separate, to pick out, select or choose. By implication it means to condemn, punish or avenge.

It is interesting that God ties the concepts of speaking evil and judging others together.  How serious is this sin? When we do this God tells us that we are speaking evil of the law and making ourselves a judge of the law (verse 11).  God instructs us to stop looking and judging others, but rather use our time and energy on being “a doer of the law!” James 1:23, Romans 2:13

Scripture about judging: James 4:2, John 7:24, Romans 14:10-12, James 14:13, 2 Corinthians 5:10

We are to be followers of Jesus and not judges. Are we “fruit readers?” Have we made ourselves discerners of other people’s fruits? How good are you as a “heart reader?” I do believe the only one who can read peoples hearts is God! When brethren have bad attitudes and speak badly of others, what does this imply? Have you considered how this reflects on you and your own heart? We must be careful not to become “judges of the law.” We must be careful we do not weaponize the law of Christ!

God does teach us to be aware and concerned about our brethren.                                                                                                              Scripture: Matthew 18:15-20, Luke 17:3, 1 John 5:16-17, Galatians 6:1, Ephesians 5:11