Do We Have Plenty of Time?

Do We Have Plenty of Time?

Scripture: 1 Peter 4:1-12

HANDOUT FOR SERMON: WE HAVE PLENTY OF TIME.                                                             July 2, 2023, Manchester TN, 9:30 a.m.

Introduction: We tend to think that things are happening in our generation that have never happened before. Most under the sun is NOT new. However, one thing that may be unique for us today is the “transfer of information.” Ignorance as far as not knowing something should be a thing of the past. No one has an excuse to not know things because information and knowledge is so easily available in our world today. Ignorance is no longer an excuse.

If the devil’s game is to keep people from knowing, well that isn’t happening. So now the devil shifts his strategy to “a lack of urgency!” With comfort comes laziness and ease. The devil convinces you to not rush, not get busy and just chill out and put it off. He is fine with you always “intending to do the right thing!”  The devil is fine with us having knowledge, he just doesn’t want you to act upon it. We all most likely have things we know we should be doing. We are aware of some things we should stop doing and then there are those things we need to start doing…but the devil is telling you to just slow down and don’t get in a hurry with obeying God.  Be aware of the aggressiveness of the devil, 1 Peter 5:18. He is after you!


  • Plenty of time to follow our own lusts for a while. 2 Peter 3:3
  • Plenty of time to address obvious shortcomings later. James 1:22
  • Plenty of time to accomplish material goals first. James 4:13
  • Plenty of time to finally face your fears, surrender to Jesus and be baptized. Acts 24:24
  • Plenty of time because you surely will not die. Genesis 3:1-4

When we strip the consequences, we end up stripping the urgency! We all know there are some things we need to be doing, improve on and even stop doing but somewhere along the way you feel like you are okay. You have enough time in the future!

God’s grace and mercy are amazing truths about our creator. God’s grace is that He restores us when we come to Him. You see, God doesn’t just fix it all even when we come to Him, surrender to Him and express our need for Him and His forgiveness.  God expects action and urgency from us! The reason is because we do not control time, nor do we know the length of time for ourselves.

  • Satan wants you to just be informed and not motivated. You can have all kinds of knowledge, just don’t respond or act on it.
  • Satan wants you to blame everyone else because they are the problem. It is their fault not yours. He wants us to focus on why others are not changing or doing the right thing.
  • We end up waiting, delaying and defying the way of God, thinking we have plenty of time! It is scary to not know who will be alive tomorrow or not, who will be healthy tomorrow or not!
  • How much time do any of us in this room have? No one knows! James 4:14, Psalm 144:4, Psalm 39:4

3.GOD TEACHES A SENSE OF URGENCY. Let us go back to our original passages and look closer at the context of these truths from God.  You will notice that in all of these passages there is a sense of urgency of God. God is pleading with us to not just be informed but to be actively doing and following His teachings and advice.

  • 2 Peter 3:3-10
  • James 1:22-27
  • James 4:13-17
  • Acts 24:24-27
  • Genesis 3:1-7


Read: 1 Peter 4:1-12 Notice what God says is “the Christians view on time!”

The devil does not mind you have all kinds of Bible knowledge! He wants you to be confident in all your knowledge and being “right.” He wants you to feel good about yourself! He doesn’t mind that you are always “intending” to do the right thing.  Always intending is NOT DOING NOR OBEYING THE WILL OF GOD!

  • Jesus devoted His life to freeing ME and YOU from sin!
  • I have/you should chose to live the rest of my life/ your life for Jesus and not in the lust of our flesh!
  • The past is enough time that you have served the devil or allowed the devil to distract you, let that be the past!
  • Preach now the Good News and call yourself and others to repentance.
  • God’s message is the “end is near!”
  • Live your life today as if you will see Jesus in the clouds this evening or in the morning.