HANDOUT FOR SERMON August 7th, 2022: Following Jesus from here!                                                                          Manchester, TN, August 7tht, 9:30 a.m.

INTRODUCTION: The need to follow Jesus. Jesus calls mankind to “follow Him.” The big question to us all is: Am I willing to surrender my life and follow Jesus? Matthew 16:24 “If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. Whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” You must understand that Jesus the Son of God, the eternal king is calling YOU!  He is calling you to: full self-sacrifice.

Scripture: Matthew 4:18-20, Matthew 16:24-27 So what does this mean to you?

Two weeks ago we studied about Jesus calling people “to come to the water!”  A lesson showing the purpose and significance of baptism as taught by Jesus Christ.  He wants all mankind to become His disciples, His followers and that starts with faith in Him and baptism.  Matthew 28:18-20 So once one has been baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit- what is next?

LESSON: Our lesson will be based on four main passages from the Book of Romans. Romans starts out with chapter 1-3 emphasizing we are all sinners, hopeless and lost. Romans chapters 4 and 5 teaches us that Jesus is our only hope. Then in Romans chapter 6 we learn that this newfound hope starts in baptism and from there on we begin a new journey, a new life in Christ Jesus.

1.BEEN REBORN: To A Re-purposed Body and Soul. Romans 6:5-14                                                                 In baptism you are purified by the blood of Jesus. You have, in baptism, made your appeal to God in wanting a new direction. God forgives you in baptism so you are washed, cleaned, forgiven and born again. Past sin and guilt are removed. You are bought with a price. Now you are to glorify God in and with your body, soul, and spirit.  You now exist for His purpose.

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 6:20, Romans 6:3-14

BEEN CALLED: To Be Led by the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:9-17 After baptism and your purification you become a vessel for God’s use and purpose. A vessel, a repaired cup or a container. A container to be filled but filled with what? In Romans 8:14 we learn all the children of God are led by the Spirit.  The Spirit has revealed the law of the Spirit unto us, and it is written in the New Testament. If you are led by the Spirit, then you are feasting on the law of the Spirit (Romans 8:1-2 mentions the law of the Spirit). I know people who really want to go to heaven but almost never feast on the law of the Spirit.  We can know the mind of God because of the revelation of the Spirit and by feasting upon it.

Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:21-22, Ephesians 5:18, Acts 6:2-3, Galatians 5:22-23


BEEN CALLED: To Exercise Your Gifts (talents) in this Life. Romans 12:1-8 After baptism we are told to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God. We all have different abilities, skills, and talents however Jesus can use all of them! Look into yourself and find something special about yourself, something that God put there in you ! Do not use that in a wasteful or worldly way or gain. Let God re-purpose you and use your gifts for God and for His holy purpose.

Not all of the disciples that followed Jesus were exactly the same, but Jesus still could use them. Do not let this week expire without using your gifts for something in serving Jesus Christ.


BEEN CALLED: To Be Deeply Devoted to God’s People, our Family and Others. Romans 12:10-13, 15:1-7 you must remember after baptism you are not ALONE!!! You are now a part of God’s amazing family. A wonderful, supportive, caring, and loving family that belongs to God, the Father. Following Jesus always includes devotion and dedication for the family of God.

God never intended that your relationship with your Church family was 1 hour in a quiet worship service for one hour a week. We need to spend less time defending ourselves and criticizing others and spend MORE TIME trying to encourage our brethren and those we differ with. Disciples unfortunately are often bantering for “who is best” rather than edifying and encouraging one another.

Scripture: Romans 12:10-13, Romans 14, Romans 15:1-7.

Scripture: Mark 10:29-30, Matthew 12:49, Matthew 19:29



I plead for you to come and surrender your life to Christ in baptism for the remission of sin and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:38-41) Being baptized into the death and burial of Jesus Christ through the working of God in baptism (Romans 6:3-10, Colossians 2:13-14).

Once you have been baptized your journey is just starting.  You have a wonderful, amazing and at times challenging life ahead of you, but Jesus promises to be with you, and He has put you into an amazing Church family that is devoted to you, loves you and is ready to serve you.