How Does Faith Help in Difficult and Uncertain Times?

How Does Faith Help in Difficult and Uncertain Times?

July 7, 2024

HANDOUT FOR SERMON: HOW DOES FAITH WORK IN TIMES OF DIFFICULTY AND UNCERTIANTY?                                   Manchester, TN. July 7th, 2024, 9:30 am.

INTRODUCTION:  A common reality for us today is that life can be very difficult and at times seem very unfair.  Life is tough! No matter your social status or economic situation, you will face difficulty and challenges.

Faith is the foundation for our relationship.                                                                                                                                            Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 2:17. Romans 10:17, 2 Corinthians 5:7, Hebrews 11:6, Galatians 2:20

The value and importance of simple saving faith. Last Sunday we studied about “simple saving faith” and we learned that the “righteous or just are those who live by faith.” What does faith do? What does it mean? It is living it before you see Jesus! Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. You see it is our faith that causes us to live with conviction before we even see Jesus.

Demons: One can read about them in James 2:19. The demons believed but they were not obedient. The demons were ungodly before they saw Jesus. When the demons saw Jesus, they bowed down before Him. When they were confronted by Him they melted and proclaimed His holy name. Once they were in His presence and saw Him, they responded differently. They also asked to be sent into the pigs.                  The example of doubting Thomas. Thomas would not believe unless he saw with his own eyes. He believed after he saw the imprints.          John 20:27-31

LESSON: FAITH IN DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCES.    We all face situations where we don’t know the right choice, the best choice.  Do you ever wish Jesus would speak up and just tell you what to do? Wouldn’t you like Jesus to appear and point the direction you need to go in? Open your Bible to Luke chapter 5-9. We will look at 5 stories where Jesus speaks about faith.


  • Luke 5:18-20  The Paralyzed Man.
  • Luke 7:1-3, 7-9 A Worried Centurion.
  • Luke 7:36-50 The Weeping Sinner.
  • Luke 8:22-25 The Fearful Followers of Jesus.
  • Luke 8:43-48 The Desperate Woman.                                                                                                                                                         In each of these stories these people found themselves in uncertainty and despair with sense of helplessness and fear                    MAKING APPLICATION TO US TODAY.

1.The Paralyzed Man.

  • You need to go get with friends who HELP you get to Jesus!
  • Peter & John were in prison, as soon as they got out the looked for the Christians.
  • Find Christians stronger than you and lean on them.
  • Gather on Sunday but also go house to house. Acts 2:42-46 Others can help you.
  • Get with friends who help you get to Jesus.


2. The Centurion.

  • He understood the authority of Jesus Christ, though He most likely didn’t know the teachings of Jesus. He respected the authority of Jesus.
  • The Jews didn’t and Jesus said I have not seen faith like that.
  • Jesus has power to create and destroy. He has the right to control every part of your life!
  • Maintain reverence for the Authority of Jesus Christ.

3.The Weeping Sinner. Luke 7

  • Emotionalism – some get all worried and upset if we start talking about being emotional about Jesus and emotional during our worship!
  • The woman brought her tears to wash Jesus’ feet.
  • Understanding who Jesus is with all authority. I come to Him in True and genuine gratitude.
  • James 4:7-8
  • I weep as the result of my sin, I weep because God would love me and care about me.
  • I weep because He still sees me and blesses me.
  • Be lowly, emotional and in need to Jesus.
  1. The Fearful Disciples.
  • Consider Trials as a test for us. What are the hardest things in your life RIGHT NOW?
  • Maybe you have tried everything you can think of.
  • Those who sought the most were tested the most.
  • These disciples would have considered themselves more faithful, more knowledgeable and righteous than the former 3 examples.
  • Jesus allows trials so that we can figure out where we are on our journey of faith.
  • Consider trials as a test of who HE is to YOU! Your chance to shine and show what Jesus means to you.
  1. The Desperate Woman.
  • A person who hit rock bottom.
  • In our most desperate times, we make the most desperate decisions and choices.
  • Invested emotionally, financially and spiritually!
  • If I can just touch the hem of His garment. Jesus said, “Your faith has made thee well.”
  • The thief on the cross. It was over! In his most desperate moment to make his most humble and dramatic effort.  What did Jesus do? What did Jesus say?
  • Sometimes we must meet desperate times in order to push us closer to Jesus.
  • Use your desperate times to make genuine and dramatic effort.


How should I pray, what should I pray for???

  • Turn to God – Pray to God.
  • Start by praying about these 5 things we have learned today.
  • Pray that trials will help you decide what to do.
  • You can try to live it in your real life, but you won’t manage unless you include it in your prayer life!
  • Luke 18:1-8 Parable about praying. Woman and the Judge.
  • 8 When the Son of man comes will He find faith on the earth.
  • Obedience??? Notice Jesus does not say obedience
  • Will I find a people who pray to God.
  • People of saving faith are people to totally trust in God!
  • Thus, people to constantly are praying to God because of the simple saving faith.
  • Will I find a people who trust in Me enough to pray for help and assistance and forgiveness.
  • Action and obedience are the result of that simple saving faith.