I Need God Everyday!

Scripture: Psalm 107:1-42

January 15th, 2021, Manchester, TN 9:30 a.m.

INTRODUCTION: We all need God, even when we are not aware of it or acknowledge it.
Humanity is dependent upon God for our very existence. Life can be a challenge on so many
“fronts.” We all have our struggles, worries, physical and spiritual difficulties. There is a beautiful
hymn written by Annie Sherwood Hawks in 1872. The words “I need thee” are repeated 20
times throughout the hymn. Oh, my this is so true in our lives, even mine! The Bible is filled
with passages that speak of our need for God and our need to draw near to Him and stay close
to Him.
Scripture: John 15:5, Philippians 4:19-20, Hebrews 4:16, Psalm 145:18, Psalm 100:2-4, Psalm
73:28, James 4:8, Hebrews 7:19, Hebrews 10:22

LESSON: Closeness to God is something we must strive for each day! Do you do this?
Scripture: Psalm 107:1-47
Read the whole chapter. We need to totally surrender to God in all things.
1.THE FAITHFUL LOVE OF THE LORD ENDURES FOREVER. The child of God needs to constantly
be reminded of the faithful, enduring, and unconditional love of God. His love is available to all
and it is available ALL the time. Guess what? YOU need continued access to it! Count how many
times the word “love” is mentioned in Psalm 107.
The message and theme in this beautiful, heartfelt Psalm encourages us to cry out to the lord.
The words “Lord Help” are repeated several times in Psalm 107. We are to cry out to the Lord in
so many different situations! When was the last time YOU literally CRIED OUT TO THE LORD?
The phrase: “Lord help” is used in verses 6, 13, 19, 28 and each time “Lord help!” is mentioned
a phrase about the Lord’s great love is also mentioned! Don’t you find that interesting?

Psalm 107 mentions the troubles of life which we all experience. Because of the continued
challenges of life, we will always need to call on the Lord. We need to open up our hearts and
call on Him in our current trouble, in any and in every trouble we have. Why? Is the answer not
obvious? He is God, the Almighty One who is in control of everything! Do you truly believe in
the power of God, in the care of God and in the love of God for you? He is the ONE who can
help and will help!
When should we call on the Lord for help?
• V.4-9 Call on Him in different situations. When you find yourself wandering in the
wilderness of life. Lost, homeless, hungry, thirsty? What should you do? Cry out to the
Lord for him. Verse 8 tells us to praise Him for His response and reaction!
• V.10-16 Call on Him when you are imprisoned by sin. When you rebel against God and
God’s word God will do what is necessary to cause you to surrender and call on Him for
help. (v.12-13) When we call on Him, He will respond, (v.14). Praise Him for what He
does. You need to praise Him for His response. We do this if we have absolute faith in
Him and trust God completely. Do you do this?
• V.17-22 Call on Him when distressed by your own foolishness. Like the prodigal son in
Luke 15, who runs back out into the world. We should do the same! But when we realize
our own foolishness what should one do? Cry, Lord Help! (v.19). What does God expect
of you, answer is given in verse 21. We then willingly and graciously praise Him for His
great love. We then offer sacrifices of thanksgiving and sing joyfully (v.22).
• V.23-32 Call on Him when staggering in your worry and restlessness. Did you notice
that God caused the storm? v.25. Not because of sin but for the testing of their faith.
What did they do? They cried, Lord help! What did the Lord do? (v.29-30) How should
we react (v.31-32)? Praise Him for His love and exalt Him publicly.

Where is your faith? How much do you really trust in the Lord? Do you truly believe He has this?
• God is in control, and He does what He wants!
• V.33-34 Makes rivers into deserts and turns deserts into pools of water.
• V.35-38 He can cause hunger and then create bumper crops and give blessings.
Increasing families and livestock.
• Are you willing to completely trust God? V.39-43
• Do you trust Him when bad things happen?
• Trust Him to take care of it?
• Verse 42-43 God crushes & destroys the wicked because of their sin. Verse 44 Yet God
has pity for them and listened to their cries! Let us be wise take this to heart!

➢ There must be no doubting when we cry to the Lord for help. James 1:5-8. You must
come to such a place in your heart so that good will provide everything you need.
Never doubt! Full confidence in God is where we must be and remain!
➢ Your past is a part of your current story. Are you redeemed? Has the lord redeemed
you in your past and of your past? Psalm 107:43 “Our history.” 1 Timothy 1:12-17 Paul’s
story about how great God is was based on what God did in Paul’s past. What has
happened in your past with God that should still be a part of your present and future?
➢ He restores only that which He approves. Even if you call on the Lord, He may not give
you the answer you want or expect. 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 Paul was often delivered
when He called on the Lord. Paul knew God could save him, deliver him and fix things.
Every answer from God is a good answer! In 2 Corinthians 12 God told Paul this time I
will not “deliver” you, but my grace is sufficient.
Scripture: James 4:15 “You ought to say, if the Lord wills.” Please remember God is in
control and be ready always to cry: “Lord help!