Our Daily Need For God, Having A Spirit of Need.

Our Daily Need For God, Having A Spirit of Need.

August 6, 2023

Scripture: Luke 5:1-30

August 6th, 2023, 9:30 am, Manchester, TN.

INTRODUCTION: In our lesson today, I will build upon a lesson we had two weeks ago. In that lesson we
looked and John 4:23-24 where we learned that “true worshippers” worship God in Spirit and in Truth.
We need both elements in our relationship with God for our worship to be acceptable. In Matthew 5:3-
12 Jesus teaches us about having the proper attitudes to be a part of His kingdom. Jesus starts by
teaching us that we must be “poor in spirit.” Why did Jesus put “poor in spirit” first in the list of

Humility is the foundation to all the other graces, a basic element in becoming a disciple of Christ and
living as a follower of Christ. “Poor in spirit” references the awareness of our own spiritual poverty. We
come to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit broken, empty of pride and accomplishments and conscious of
the debt owed for our sins. When we are “poor in spirit” we will give an honest personal confession that
we are sinful and utterly without moral virtues and that we need God, and that we need to commit
ourselves to Him. As believers, we should never boast about our goodness, our righteousness and
correctness, especially in the presence of God who is the image of perfectness.
Scripture: Luke 18:9-14 Jesus talks about a Pharisee and a tax collector praying.
Owning our own spiritual poverty is lesson one for the believer. I am in desperate and lowly need of God.
These feelings and truths should always stay with us, in worship, during the Lord’s Supper and in our
daily lives interacting with others. I find it amazing that God knows that I need to be regularly reminded
of my spiritual poverty and need for Him every Sunday, the first day of each week! “I need thee every
hour.” Not in need of Jesus only ONE TIME in my life! I am in desperate, humble need of Jesus, my Lord,

I am allowed to feast at the Lord’s Table, sharing with the Lord, each Sunday. Do you consider this a
tremendous honor? Jesus is allowing YOU to sit as His table and partake in His memorial supper. This
supper reflects two important things: WHO HE IS and the need for us to obey the things HE HAS TAUGHT
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 11:23-28 (highlight verse 26 & 28)

LESSON: In our study today, we will be looking at four stories of Jesus mentioned in Luke chapter 5.
There are differences in how people respond to things. People responded to Jesus in different manners.
Jesus wanted to call all people to His kingdom but not all people responded in the same manner. What
is the difference between the truly spiritually “saved” person and the spiritually “lost” person? The
“saved” person is always aware of their need for Jesus and is always desperate to get to Jesus. The saved
person is “poor in spirit!” They understand their need and dependance on Jesus Christ. The saved person
understands that their salvation is available ONLY because of what Jesus did and continues to do! The
saved person is willing to take risks for Jesus.

1.THE NET AND THE FISH, LUKE 5:1-11. (Things we must leave behind!)
This story is about Jesus and His disciples at the Lake of Gennesaret. Jesus commands Peter to launch
out the boat into the deep and let the nets down. Simon responds we have toiled all night and caught
nothing. Amazingly when they did what Jesus told them to do, they caught a great number of fish to the
point that the net was breaking.
Peter’s reaction and words are worthy of our consideration. Are you like Peter? Would you have done
the things that Peter did? Would you say the things Peter said? We find the “spirit” Jesus is looking for in
the words and reaction of Peter. This is what Jesus is looking for in you! Is this you, is this me, is this us?
Do you have the courage to pray for what Peter did? “Go away from me Lord, I am a sinful man!” Would
you even pray such a prayer? I see an attitude of unworthiness and humility such an example for us.

2. A MAN FULL OF LEPROSY, LUKE 5:12-15 (Physical disease & limitations)
This man falls on his knees. The Lord touches him, no one should touch a leper! Jesus heals the man and
commands him not tell anyone. When Jesus does amazing things the “poor in spirit” cannot help but
show their joy and tell of the gladness to others! The news spread quickly.
If you are a child of God, cleansed of your spiritual “leprosy” by Jesus are you busy telling everyone? If
you are saved then you have been “touched” by Jesus Christ and you have been “healed” by him. The
“disease” is GONE! But we find ourselves sinning repeatedly! So, we find ourselves having to go back to
Him and beg for spiritual healing time and time again! You see our “righteousness” and “goodness”
would not be if it was not for the willingness of Jesus to “cleanse us” repeatedly! Righteousness is
unattainable without God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. We truly should have a spiritual connection to
“spiritual leprosy” and be forever grateful for the Great Physician.

3. A MAN PARALYZED, LUKE 5:17-20 (Physical limitations)
Jesus is teaching and healing people. Some men brought a paralyzed man on a bed for Jesus to heal.
They had to let him down through the roof to get near Jesus. As soon as Jesus saw this event unfolding
He says: “Man, your sins are forgiven you.” The paralyzed man was healed and he arose and went home
carrying his bed.
I have a spiritual connection with “spiritual paralysis.” I have inabilities and limitation that hinder my
growth, development, and productivity in the Kingdom of God, do you? Will you acknowledge them?
Often in our Christian life we do the easy things, the convenient things, things that you have already
mastered or things that come natural for you. This man did not do what was convenient. This man was
determined to see Jesus against all odds and against all inconveniences! This man knew he just needed
to get to Jesus and his friends helped him. Jews saw this man’s heart, poor in spirit, yet a man of great
faith! Jesus saw his faith and Jesus fixed things! Jesus can do the same for us! The Pharisees did not
need Jesus. They were blind and their hearts were closed to what Jesus could do for them.

4. LEVI THE TAXCOLLECTOR, LUKE 15:25-30 (Things we must leave behind.)
Jesu walks by a tax collector at his place of work. The man’s name is Levi. Jesus simply says: “Follow Me!”
Levi follows Jesus. Levi gives Jesus a great feast in his own home. This is a story about leaving things. Levi
left his place of work, his position, his protection, and his source of money! Why would anyone do this?
Levi just walked away because he saw something or found something that was more important than all
that he left! How many of us will leave things behind when we need Jesus? Desperation results in leaving
things behind. When you finally truly understand and realize that you need Jesus, that is when you will
leave anything and everything if needed. How many things stand in the way between YOU and doing
that is right? Sometimes “we are our own worst enemy or hinderance” to honestly follow Jesus
Scripture about our need for God in our daily lives: Philippians 4:19, 1 Peter 5:7, Hebrews 4:16, Psalm
55:22, I John 5:4, 1 Peter 5:6, 2 Corinthians 12:9 2 Timothy 1: