Are You Drifting Away From God? Acts 27

Are You Drifting Away From God? Acts 27

Introduction: God’s way is the only to be saved. In life we all will experience tough times and it is not all our own doing nor fault! Why is it that mankind often runs away from the very One that can help them, God? When we drift or sail away from God and the will of God for us, this will lead to total helplessness and end up in a mess such as a “shipwreck.” When we find ourselves about to end up in a wreck that is when we finally try to figure out what to do or do something about it and it usually does not end well.

Read Acts 27:1-44 A story to remember.  (Could this be YOUR story?) Are you travelling closer to God or further away from God? Where is your life truly headed? Your life is a journey, but a journey to where?!

1.IT BEGINS WITH GOD SAYING TO US “LISTEN UP!”  V.9-10                                                                                                  God sends wise men and women to warn us, help us but what do we do?  They could have listened, shown an interest, or even stayed in “Fair Haven”, but in our story the people did none of this! Stubborn people? Maybe?

Scripture: Luke 1:79, Matthew 11:28, John 14:27 & 6

THERE IS ALWAYS A GOOD REASON TO DISOBEY. V.11 Humanity throughout history has always rationalized to convince themselves to disobey God.   There are other Bible examples such as: Adam & Eve in the Garden and Jonah & the city of Nineveh. God said one thing – they did the opposite. They tried to fix it, but they couldn’t! The ship was caught by the wind, and they had not hope, v 15-20. God was their only hope, and they wouldn’t listen to God. God told them what to do via Paul, but they refused!

Religious people to this today: Leave the Lord, leave the truth and leave the Church – the very things God gives to help us on our journey.

The result of such behavior: fear, shame and loss of purpose. We end up on a journey but a journey that is NOT GOD’S JOURNEY!

Scripture: Ephesians 5:6, Acts 5:9, Psalm 23:1, Romans 12:16, Isaiah 5:21


God tried to help earlier in the story, but they wouldn’t listen. Now God decides the step back into the story. It was in God’s timing. God once again uses the agent Paul as His spokesman.

Verse 21 “I told you so!” Notice the mess YOU HAVE MADE because you didn’t listen to me. So will you listen to Me now?  Why didn’t they listen to God before? Maybe because they were not afraid enough!  When we are close to death – fear of death – mankind then seems to wake up and turn to God!

Message of hope:

22 Keep up your courage.
24 God has granted you safety. Focus on what He has done for you already!
25 I believe in God’s plans will you please do as I!

Scripture: Ephesians 2:12, Romans 5:1-5, 1 Peter 5:7,


It always begins with belief v 30-31 (it doesn’t start with obedience but belief, obedience comes later.) Do you believe God can save you? Do you believe His ideas are better than your ideas?
Temptation and fear must be fixed or resolved. 28-31 They tried to figure it out. They needed to face their fears! Do not bail ship but stay solid on board! God is in control. 1 Corinthians 10:13 God will provide a way of escape.

Scripture: Hebrew 13:5, Micah 7:7, Hebrews 4:16, 1 Corinthians 10:13


You all MUST stick together. Stay united, stay to help and support one another. Consider the value of each and everyone one on that boat! God was going to save them ALL!!

Fellowship is the key or solution for making it! Verse 31. So many want to take off, run off or split (even in the Church). Others may die because of you doing this. When we abandon others think of your affect on them!

Verse 34 God promises to take care of us!

Acts 4 a great example of first century Christians taking care of each other.

Our strength in IN THE BODY OF CHRIST, not on being alone!

Sometimes there will still be a shipwreck! God ends up and telling them the ship will be broken up, it will not be spared! Consequences for their not listening to God earlier. Not all consequences will go away! Sometimes there will still be trouble. REMEMBER: God is still in the story! He was still working to save the souls of all. The Ship and cargo were lost but ALL THE PEOPLE were saved! What a wonderful story!

Scripture: Ephesians 4:2-3 & 12-16, Galatians 6:1-3, Romans 12:9-14 A family that loves one another.



They all end up on the island of Malta for 3 months: teaching, working miracles, blessing people, healing people and saving people!  Good can come out of “bad!”

Because of the Shipwreck: good came, God is still in the story and lives are being touched for good!

SO, where are YOU right now in your journey towards God? God is still there for you!