The Gospel and The Righteousness of God.

The Gospel and The Righteousness of God.

June 29, 2024

Book: Romans

HANDOUT FOR SERMON: The Righteousness of God and The Gospel.                                                                                                 (The Book of Romans).  June 30th, 2024, Manchester, TN

INTRODUCTION: The book of Romans is written to baptized believers. The story of salvation is for everyone and can bring anyone to salvation. For anyone who will believe the Gospel, salvation is available.

Read: Romans 1:16-17 Not ashamed of the Gospel! Power of Salvation.  The Righteous shall live by faith. (Habakkuk 2:4) Righteousness comes from God as God is the source of our righteousness.  In Habakkuk 2 we can see where God is contrasting “pride” with “righteousness.”  Pride says: “I am right.” “I am righteous.”

Overview of the Book of Romans.

Romans chapter 1  This world is full of sinfulness. V. 24-25  The world needs the Gospel.

Romans chapter 2  Believers have our battles as well. v.1-3, 17.  v.20-24

Romans chapter 3  None are righteous, not even one, all fall short. v.10-12

Romans chapter 4    God credits justification to those who believe in Him. v.3-6                                                                          Romans chapter 5    Salvation is by faith in God’s grace through Jesus Christ. 5:1-2

Romans chapter 6    We are baptized into Christ and to a new and obedient life. 6:4-11.

You now have a righteous life-not of self.  5:17 the “gift of righteousness.”

Romans chapter 8                   -Every day we choose the Spirit over flesh in His honor

Romans chapter 12                -We present our bodies and exercise our gifts.

Romans chapter 14                -We seek peace with one another in love.


3 main points/categories:  There are 3 important things that we must share and preach.

  1. Not one of us is worthy or righteous without the Lord. God gives us righteousness & salvation. It is a gift from God!
  2. God gives salvation by grace to those who have faith in Jesus.
  3. We die to sin and are enslaved to God to live faithful to His Will.

Which one of these points is the MOST important?                                                                                                                             If you do not understand the first point or have the first thing down in your life, then going to church or being baptized – won’t do you any good. A works focused teaching absent of first teaching what God actually provides can give us the impression we “earn” our salvation. We might end up thinking I am saved because I did a list of things. Mankind must understand that it is all God’s love and plan that makes salvation possible. Does mankind understand their condition without God, and do we understand that our salvation is completely dependent on Him?  The Gospel is for ONLY those who NEED IT and recognize they need it!  Are you not interested in the Lord, if so then you are a person who needs the Gospel! Some want salvation but they are not interested in self-sacrifice. I don’t want to go all in! God says not one of us in worthy or righteous with Him, it starts with Him. We are not righteous simply for doing the right things.

God is telling us in the Book of Romans why and how we are going to heaven!  Ask yourself, “Why am I going to heaven?”

  • The righteousness of God was gifted to you (given to you).
  • You chose to believe it.
  • You chose to embrace it His gift by faith because of His grace.
  • Because you have been saved by a merciful God.
  • Anyone who has obeyed the Gospel is saved! Who knows those who are saved – only God!

The Great Word in the Book of Romans is “righteous” or “righteousness.”

What must we understand about the righteousness of God.

  • We are dead without Christ. Romans 1:16-17, Romans 3:10, Romans 10:3-4 Without Christ there is no hope for humanity.
  • We are alive because of Christ. Romans 10:6-13, Romans 3:21-27, Romans 4:1-5, Romans 5:17-23 No place for personal boasting or pride.
  • We are to be living obedient to Christ. Romans 6:11-19 Seek to replicate God’s righteousness in our personal lives.

Conclusion: The Gospel only helps those who KNOW they need it! Until humanity understands their need for the Gospel, very little interest will be shown towards it.  Make sure you are living the gospel message in your daily personal lives. Mankind must do all they can to follow Jesus and the teachings of Jesus.  You must be born again of the water and spirit. You must follow the teaching of Acts 2:38 of repentance and baptism. Out of gratitude and commitment to the Lord we believe in we live each day for Him.