Scripture: Revelation 4 & 5

Handout for Sermon: THE MAGNIFICANT THRONE ROOM OF GOD.                                                                                            October 9th, 2022, 9:30 a.m. service, Manchester, TN

Introduction: In our lesson today, we will look into the book of Revelation and consider the description of the Throne Room of God with all the descriptions revealed to us.  The Book of Revelation was intended to encourage the first century Christians and to help them make it through the difficulties they faced.  Now we today, as God’s people, may not be experiencing the persecution and trials they did however, we are burdened with much in our lives. The weight of such burdens at times can be difficult to the point we may wonder if we can hold on and hold out to the end! Will our strength endure? Will my faith hold? We need to realize that the first century Christians were dealing with all the daily, personal struggles you have plus the intense persecution from the Roman leaders and from Jewish resistance to Christianity. John’s message of Revelation was to help the Christians’ hold fast and firm and strong until the end. The imagery of God’s throne room is to give them a chance to visualize heaven. God wanted them to “see”, “know” and “comprehend” the glories of heaven that awaited them.  I hope these descriptions can become a source of strength for you and lift your spirits!



God the Father on His throne. (authority and rule)
Compared to a precious stone. (of great value)
Surrounded by a rainbow. (beauty, radiance)
Lightnings, thundering, and voice. (impressive, humbling, powerful)
Sea of glass like crystal. (peace, calmness)

Scripture: Psalm 11:4, Psalm 45:6, Psalm 103:19                                                                                                                                            (The Psalmist often references, describes and uses the throne scene of God.)


Whoever these 24 elders are, they are people who have been purified by God. They have a connection and relationship to God. They obviously are valued and appreciated by God because He allows them in His presences. God has honored them as well. Who they are-really doesn’t matter.  However, for my current thoughts, one might consider the 12 sons of Jacob and the 12 apostles. Significant people under both of the Testaments of God.

Scripture: Revelation 5:14, Revelation 21:12, Revelation 21:14

The first 12 elders could represent all those who lived under and stood by the law of Moses and all of those other faithful people during that time period. The second 12 elders could represent the 12 apostles and all others who lived under and followed the teachings of Jesus. One thing is sure- they were all exalted by God into the position and place they were in.  Scripture: Hebrews 11:1-40 & 12:1-2, 2 Timothy 4:7-8


What or who are these creatures??  The lion, the cow, the human being, and the bird. We can always speculate who these are or whom they represent, but one thing we know for sure, and that is they ALL were worshipping God.  When you or I look into the throne room of God, what do we expect to see there? We will see everything that has ever existed in His presence praising, honoring, and glorifying God!!

Scripture: Psalm 148:1-14 (note especially verse 10)


Our reading starts with a “book” which is closed, and everyone wants it to be opened. A deep desire to know! But who can open this book, the book of “their future?”  Revelation 5:9-12.  The answer is Jesus Christ the Son of God is the one and only who can open this book.

3 things we need to see about Jesus.

You need to see Him as the lamb. The one who sacrificed all for us. His life & blood was given to save us from sin and condemnation.
You need to see Him as the lion. The one who rules with great power and majesty. He is worthy of authority, and we submit to Him willing.
You need to see him as the man, the Christ, who can open the book.

Jesus, the Christ opens the book and tells them what to expect. The main message is: “You will overcome!” “You will be victorious!”  So they now can struggle on, fight on, with confidence, fortitude, and focus! So the message for us today is the same: be strong, be faithful and be steady!

Conclusion:  Homework for this week: Read Revelation chapters 1-5. Read the description of Jesus in Revelation 1. Read about the seven churches of Asia in Revelation 2-3. Read about the throne scene in Revelation 4-5. Then pray like you never have prayed before having THIS IMAGERY IN YOUR MIND AND HEART as you pray! My admonition for you.

In conversion: the door is opened. Ephesians 2:4-7 “be seated in the presence of God.” The Throne Room with a closed door, but it can be opened. You may know what is in the Throne Room but you must come to Jesus in humility giving yourself to Him. You need to do what He asks of you so that you can be “seated in the presence of God.” We must be in true fellowship with God, receiving His help, His salvation, His guidance, and His protection.

In prayer: we bow down before Him on His throne. We make appeals to God with the support of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit (Romans 8). Hebrews 4:14-16 We have access to God! Do you realize what this means?!? We can draw near to God, bow in His presence, and speak directly to Him.

In the resurrection we will truly see it all. Revelation 22:1-5 We will see His full glory and be with Him forever. No longer a matter of faith, but reality. However, as Christians we have the capacity to visualize, see and experience these things in our hearts because God has revealed them to us in His Word.   (Story about Moses & God.)