Scripture: Philippians 4:13

HANDOUT FOR SERMON: THE POWER TO SUCCEED.                                                                                           September 25th, 2022, 9:30 a.m. Manchester, TN

INTRODUCTION: There is nothing wrong in acknowledging our weaknesses, but we are wrong when we fail to make a commitment to follow Jesus Christ, focus all our abilities and strength on Him.  The Bible speaks of success, growth, fruit, overcoming, winning and victory. The Bible gives us a great response to the excuses: “I can’t do anything” or “I am too weak” or “I just can’t do it.” Our lesson is based on one Bible verse found in the New Testament. Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” We are to follow Jesus Christ, Matthew 16:24, John 8:12, Matthew 9:9. Do you have a fear of failure? Ephesians 6:10, Philippians 4:13, 2 Corinthians 12:10


1. THE PURPOSE – “I.”  With the first word we see it is a very personal verse, statement and promise. God communicated this message to us through the writings of Paul. The purpose is for us to recognize WE CAN DO ALL things through Christ who strengthens us.

We are serving the same God who used Noah, Ruth, the widow of Zarephath, Peter, Mary, Dorcas, Paul…etc. Put YOUR name in the “I can do all things….” It is a personal declaration and promise to God. It is a statement of purpose!

Scripture: Ezra 7:9-10, Colossians 3:12, Matthew 6:32-24

THE POSSIBILITY – “CAN.” How often do we find ourselves as believers not doing the things for God that we know we should? How often do we fail to follow through on decisions we have made? The verse tells me I have all the possibility to do all things through Christ. God can and will help us. We can have victory.

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:57, 2 Corinthians 2:14, Romans 8:31 & 37, 1 John 4:4.            Without God’s help we are doomed to fail. Paul did accomplish a lot of things, but he also suffered much. His “I CAN” attitude is what made him the great person he was, and he constantly references the help he got from Christ.

THE PRACTICE – “DO.” It is all about motion, movement, and action. It is not enough to just know the truth or know about faith. You must do your part in accepting and following the truth. Consider the examples of Noah and Hosea. Think about their lives, expectations from God and how they managed to carry through no matter how difficult it may have been. Noah knew he could do it because God would never ask him something he was unable to accomplish. Hosea’s marriage was very difficult, but he remained in it being faithful to what God told him to do.  When God calls on YOU to accomplish something for Him YOU CAN DO IT! No matter how difficult it might be, you can do it if you lean on and depend on the strength of the Lord.

Scripture: Matthew 7:13-14, James 1:22, Hebrews 5:9, Genesis 6:14 & 7:1, Hosea 1:2, 1 Peter 3:20-21

THE PERSPECTIVE – “ALL THINGS.” Keep in mind Paul was in a jail cell he wrote this letter. When Paul said “I can do” remember he wasn’t living in a nice western democratic country with nice modern-day standards and achievements. Paul is saying “I can handle this.” I can handle all things. In the context: I can do hungry, or I can do full. I can do free, or I can do prisoner. I can do lonely, or I can do friends. I can do naked, or I can do well-clothed.” It was through Christ, by His strength and help, that Paul could handle whatever the circumstances were.

Scripture:  Romans 8:31, John 15:5, Ephesians 2:10, John 14:14-15, 2 John 1:6

THE POWER – “THROUGH CHRIST”. All we accomplish and do for Christ is because of Christ. If Christ is not a part of your life, if you have not been born again then this verse doesn’t apply to you. You need to deny yourself so that the power of God will help and direct your life. You must be baptized into Christ and stay connected to Him. God is a jealous God, and He wants your full attention and focus.

Scripture: Exodus 15:2, Exodus 20:5, Psalm 73:25, Proverbs 3:5-6, 2 Timothy 1:7, Colossians 1:10-11

THE PROMISE – “WHICH STRENGTHENS ME.” Christ will strengthen us, that is the promise. Who and how? It starts with “desiring Him!” We have many things and voices that compete for our attention. We need to remember that God wants to be our chief or main desire. Christ doesn’t deserve to share a place with anyone else! If we can trust God with our eternal destiny, why can’t we trust Him with all aspects of our lives? We may not always understand why God allows us to go through tough times, but He has promised He will never leave us. SO why do we turn our backs on Him? God will not let you down, He will continue to love you, so cling to Him, trust in Him and rest in Him.

Scripture: Hebrews 13:5-6, 2 Timothy 4:17, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10, Hebrews 2:18, 1 John 2:14


The opposite of success is failure. The Bible speaks of potential failure

Scripture: Hebrews 10:38-39, Galatians 5:1, 1 Timothy 4:1 & 16, 1 John 4:4

We need God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy spirit in our lives.