Why did God create angels?

Scripture: Hebrews 1:1-14

HANDOUT FOR SERMON: ANGELS, MINISTERING SPIRITS TODAY.                            May 22nd, 2022, Manchester, TN

Introduction: Angels are mentioned many times in Hebrews chapter 1. Angels were respected and revered by the Jews. They are called “ministering spirits.” In what way are angels ministering spirit for us today?   The word “angel”: The word angel is used 220 times in the Old Testament and 180 times in the New Testaments.


1.GOD CREATED THEM.  Nehemiah 9:6, Colossians 1:16

2.THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF ANGELS. Jude 9, Revelation 12:7-8

3.THERE ARE MANY OF THEM AND VERY POWERFUL. Hebrews 12:22, 2 Peter 2:11

4.ANGELS WORSHIP AND SERVE GOD. Revelation 4:18, Revelation 19:10

5.THEY CARRIED OUT GOD’S WORK HERE. (both in spiritual & physical world.)                                                                                         Revelation 4:18, Revelation 19:10                                                                                                                                                                        Angels in action:

Helped Hagar, Genesis 16:7 & 21
Abraham Genesis 18, Hebrews
Rescued Lot Genesis 19
Wrestled Jacob Genesis 32
Spoke to Moses, Acts 7 (burning bush)
Killed firstborn, Exodus 12 “angel of death”

3 things they do: They speak, provide information, give warnings, to help or assist.

Gave the Law, Hebrews 2:1-3, Gal. 3:19.
Blocked Balaam, Numbers 22:2 (angel there even though Balaam didn’t see him).
Rebuked Israel, Judges 2.
Cursed enemies, Judge 5.
Judged Israel, 2 Samuel 24.
Touched Elijah when he was down/low, provided meal & a nap, 1 Kings 19.

Angels are not soft!

Killed 185 thousand Assyrians, 2 Kings 19.
Saved 3 men, Daniel 3:25-28 (fire furnace).
Preserved Daniel, Daniel 6:22 (lion’s den).
Protects nations/rulers, Daniel 10:13-21. Angels fighting King of Persia. (Michael the angel over Israel)

NEW TESTAMENT (Do angels take a back seat?)  Angels in action!

Gabriel to Zacharias, Luke 1:13.
Gabriel sent to Mary, Luke 1:30.
Appeared to Joseph, Matthew 1 & 2.
Angel before the shepherds, Luke 2:8-14.
A heavenly host, Luke 2:13 & 31.
Ministered to Jesus, Matthew 4:11.
Comforted Jesus, Luke 22:43.
Freed apostles, Acts 5.
Sent Phillip to preach, Acts 8:28.
Spoke to Cornelius, Acts 10.
Freed Peter, Acts 12:7.
Struck down Herod, Acts 12:23.
Stood before Paul, Acts 27:23.
Shared with John, Revelation 1:1, 14:6 & 15 & 22:16.
Protects the Gospel, Revelation 14:6. (Thank goodness for us! Get the word to people!)
Delivering judgment, Revelation 14:15. Harvesting the earth!
Will deliver judgment, Matthew 13:41, 2 Thessalonians 1:7.

ANGELS IN ACTION IN OUR WORLD TODAY: Hebrews 1:14.                                                                We should want the help God can give us through His “ministering spirits” (angels)! How might God use angels to help His people today? (Areas they may help us.)

HELP US IN OUR SPIRITUAL BATTLES. Ephesians 6:10-13 We are involved in a great spiritual battle.
HELP US WITH OUR SPIRITUAL ENEMIES. Acts 12:23                                                                                       Angel sent to remove a very wicked and evil man of power. Christians had prayed for relief.
ANGELS PRESIDING OVER NATIONS. Daniel 10:13-14, 20-21 Angels described as princes involved in the affairs of the nations. Could there be an angel over our nation? There are a lot of Gods people here. God does promise to protect and preserve His people.
LEAD PEOPLE TO REPENTENCE, Acts 10, Acts 5:19-21 Angel freed them to preach.
CARES FOR THE SAVED. Matthew 18:10 & Hebrews 1:14

Conclusion: We may not understand everything about the angels of God but let us have an open mind to the fact that God uses them in whatever way He deems important and for His purpose with and for His people.  Consider angels a gift from God. God the great giver: Psalm 84:11, James 1:17, Matthew 7:11, Luke 11;13, Romans 8:32